Has Life Beaten You Down To The Point That You’ve Lost Yourself Somewhere Along the Way?

A Llama Piñata
  • Bored? Lonely? Tired of the nagging feeling that there’s more to life? 
  • Worn down by the monotony of your 9 to 5 job; just trying to get through the day?
  • Drowning from giving all your time to kids, co-workers, and aging parents? 
  • Losing (or lost!) the spark in your relationship because you’re so darn overwhelmed with life? Or too down on yourself to get back out there to look for love in the first place?
  • Wondering how time slipped away so fast and if your best years are behind you? 

Been there, done that. It’s depressing.

If you’re like most women, you put others first. Everyone’s needs come before yours, right? That, my girlfriend, is the Highway to Regret. 

When did I become someone who is just existing and not really living? 

It happens without us even knowing it. Our dreams and goals somehow turn into responsibilities and restless nights. 

Over the years, we lose more and more of ourselves. We wake up with a sense of dread instead of being overwhelmed with joy. We’re asleep at the wheel of our own lives and we’re too preoccupied to even realize it!

Life has an expiration date written in invisible ink; tomorrows aren’t guaranteed.

Girlfriend, it’s time to wake up for a hot minute. We only have so many trips around the sun until it’s all over. 

Imagine on your final day on Planet Earth, a magical talking unicorn came to you and said, “I want to show you a movie. It’s about the life you could have had.” Now close your eyes (do it, I’ll wait) and dig deep to think what’s in that movie. Does it resemble your life right now? I didn’t think so. 

Life is like a pinata. Don’t give up before the candy comes out.

I created Intentional Living School so we could work together to help you rediscover yourself and claim the life you were meant to live. No more “tomorrow” mindset, no more excuses, no more prioritizing everything and everyone over yourself. You matter. 

Your life is waiting for you. 

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