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"Amber is invaluable as someone who is expert in maximizing social media platforms to create community and enhance engagement. She showed me that using social media without full understanding of its detailed/subtle workings is a huge waste of valuable time, then she educated me on how to get the most out of all of it. She did this for my "brand", my new projects, and my non-profit organization, Tails of Joy.

She constantly surprises me with her out-of-the-box creative thinking in marketing and growth. I credit her with the increased success of all of my projects since we have started working together. She is incredibly easy to work with; professional, smart, creative, and functions with the highest integrity in all aspects of work.

I feel incredibly lucky to have the benefit of Amber's vast knowledge and creativity in marketing/networking/social media. Anyone would be lucky to have this incredible woman on his/her team.”

- Elayne Boosler, Comedian/Philanthropist/Writer

“Amber Avines is an exceptional and knowledgeable social media consultant. The University of Chicago Alumni Club of Los Angeles had the fortune to hear Amber provide an excellent presentation on ways to utilize social media to expand one's online career network using tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other media.

Everyone in attendance was intrigued and impressed with her knowledge of the various social media tools and her encouraging spirit to overcome preconceptions of how challenging or time consuming these social media tools can be. She is bright, multi-talented, organized and very enjoyable to work with. I look to future opportunities to work together with Amber and bridge her knowledge of social media with our alumni body.”

- Derek Okada, Vice President - University of Chicago Alumni Club 

"As an HR professional who is consistently recruiting, social media is an area that I needed to be brought up to speed on very quickly. I tapped into Amber and she tutored me with her social media expertise on Twitter and encouraged me to experiment with all aspects of social media to increase and build my network for personal, marketing and recruitment purposes.

Amber is a force that won’t stop until the job is done. She is determined, capable, good with people and a very hard worker. I sincerely hope that we have the opportunity to work together in the future again”

- Alma Perez, Human Resources and Recruitment Professional

"I asked Amber for advice on how to promote my art website through social media marketing. As one example of great results, within a day of launching my new Facebook fan page, I sold a painting! Amber graciously gave me close to an hour of her time, leaving me with tremendously useful tips that I could use on all social media platforms, including e-mail.

Her encouragement helped, but so did the useful words of wisdom. Her kindness and patience is so appreciated. I'd recommend her to anyone who needs a boost in reaching more people through social media." 

- Jean Calomeni, Artist - Snoring Dog Studio

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